We understand the impact knee pain can have on your daily life. That's why we've designed an innovative program that combines eight customized components to provide you with effective relief and help you avoid long-term medications and surgery.

We help people with pain in the knee due to inflammation, sports injuries, arthritis, and degeneration. 

Our comprehensive program includes:

  1. Knee Decompression Therapy: Our advanced therapy techniques gently alleviate pressure on your knee joint, promoting natural healing and pain relief.
  2. Chiropractic Extremity Adjustments: Our experienced chiropractors are experts in extremity adjustments, ensuring your knees are aligned correctly for improved function and reduced pain.
  3. Class 4 Medical Laser Therapy: Harnessing the power of advanced laser technology, we target inflammation and pain at its source, stimulating your body's own healing mechanisms.
  4. LED Light Therapy: Non-invasive and painless, LED light therapy accelerates tissue repair and reduces pain, helping you get back on your feet faster.
  5. Nerve Stimulation: We employ nerve stimulation techniques to enhance neural communication and alleviate knee discomfort.
  6. Customized Foot Orthotics: Our team will assess your unique biomechanics to create personalized foot orthotics, addressing the root causes of knee pain and improving stability.
  7. Nutritional Support: A proper diet plays a significant role in healing. Our program includes tailored nutritional guidance to support your recovery.

With our Knee Pain Program, you can regain mobility, reduce pain, and avoid the need for long-term medications or invasive surgery.

Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about guiding you on your wellness journey.

From nutrition and fitness to mental and emotional well-being, we care about helping you and educating you on the process.

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