What is PiezoWave?

Without getting too technical, PiezoWave is an FDA-registered class 1 medical device that utilizes harmless yet powerful acoustic waves to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This non-invasive treatment option helps patients with musculoskeletal conditions related to pain and inflammation.

How Does PiezoWave Work?

When these waves penetrate damaged tissue or areas of inflammation, it activates a natural
response within the body as if a new injury has occurred. This technology promotes biological
healing by sending healing agents to help reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and remodel damaged tissue in the injured area.

The Piezo treatment aims to revive inactive cells critical for healing – without invasive procedures, medication and no downtime.

Treatment Benefits

  • Non-invasive & drug-free
  • Promotes natural healing
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Increases circulation
  • Alleviates/relieves aches and pain
  • 5-10 minute treatments
  • No recovery time
  • No negative side effects

Common Treatment Areas

  • Neck & Back
  • Upper Extremities (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist)
  • Lower Extremities (Knee, Ankle, Foot)
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (Muscles, Tendons, etc.)

What to Expect

The First Visit (Consultation & Treatment)

Drs. Jeremy and Libby Darnell will conduct an interactive consultation to see if the PiezoWave treatments are a good option based on your specific case. At the start of the treatment, we utilize the device to localize the peak of your pain over the injured area and identify pain
points. Once uncovered, we focus the remainder of treatment towards that area to maximize the positive biological effects. The treatment itself can be less than 10 minutes.

Subsequent Treatments (Care Plans)

Although some patients feel immediate improvement after their first visit, this is not a
“one-and-done” treatment solution. On average six treatments are required to further
the healing process and achieve lasting results. Based on your specific goals &
expectations provided, our doctor will put together a recommended care plan that best
suits your needs.

Care plans generally consist of 6 to 12 sessions. Most patients experience significant
progress after 3-4 treatments, with noticeable improvement often occurring after the
first session. Subsequent treatments will provide continued improvement and sustained

Does Treatment Hurt?

When identifying damaged tissue or inflammation, we will move the therapy source
around the injured area. When the focused soundwaves from the therapy source
penetrate healthy tissue, you won’t feel much of anything. However, when the waves hit
damaged tissue, you will experience manageable dull aches or discomfort – but not
intensity that requires numbing cream or anesthetic.